Was Cocaine Taken by Eurovision Winner?

The Eurovision Song Contest has sparked plenty of controversy in the media. Damiano David, the lead singer of the Italian Eurovision entry Maneskin, appeared to snort cocaine on live TV during the Saturday night show.  

Maneskin secured their victory for the song contest on Saturday whilst the UK scored no points for the second year running. The camera turns to the table to capture the winning moment, where it appears that Damiano David leans forward towards the table nose first, much like the motion of somebody snorting cocaine. The group were celebrating by toasting beers and champagne around the table.    

Since the video was released, social media flared with accusations: In the following press conference, Damiano David pleaded that no such offence was committed. Damiano David explained that his bandmate and guitarist Thomas Raggi had broken a glass in the excitement of winning, and he was assisting in clearing it away.   

Damiano David said he was happy to do a drug test, which he then completed to clear up the allegations. The outcome returned a negative test, but this was not taken until nearly three days later, and it is not clear who conducted the test and the method of testing in the reporting.  

With limited information on the type of test carried out, it is impossible to say whether there definitely was or wasn’t the use of cocaine at that winner’s table.  

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