Dopamine Addiction in the UK

The term ‘addiction’ has existed for many centuries. Addiction can start small and grow slowly or escalate quickly.  The most prominent form of addiction is considered to be to drugs, alcohol and gambling. Its negative effect can damage individuals throughout many areas of their life including in the workplace. ​

The release of dopamine in the body is the cause of addiction but this chemical is released during everyday pleasurable experiences such as eating good food, exercising and during sex. ​

Addicts are chasing the dopamine sensation in a very intense form through drug consumption, which ultimately leads to addiction.​

Taking substances such as marijuana, cocaine and opioids can change the way neurons in the brain are sent, received and processed, which can cause hallucinations, feelings of temporary euphoria or the amplification of feelings and emotions.​

With dopamine altering the way we feel pleasure, drugs can be responsible for dopamine being released in large quantities. Over the course of time and consistent drug use reduces a natural ability to produce dopamine and drug users will have to increase consumption in order to reach similar levels of dopamine production. ​


It’s difficult to identify if employees have taken drugs before coming into work, especially if their neurotransmitters have been altered to become more resilient to the release of dopamine. The rise in reported levels of stress and anxiety over the last couple of years has also been linked to drug consumption and addiction. ​

Drugs are more accessible than ever and the risk of impaired staff present to companies is a concern. Especially in safety-critical industries such as Aviation or Construction. It’s crucial that companies within these sectors have a robust and clear drug testing policy enabling a safe working environment for all stakeholders. ​

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