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Why OdiliaClark

HR Professionals First

OdiliaClark is a HR company first and foremost. Our HR staff have spent extensive periods of time with Dräger, the Drugs and Alcohol detection equipment specialists. They understand the full capabilities of both the equipment and the laboratories and how they fit into the operational environment. They can work with you to develop a comprehensive policy that takes into account the operational requirements of the organisation and assist you with the rollout of a policy and testing programme.

Independent of Laboratory

Our workplace Drugs and Alcohol testing is independent of the Laboratories. OdiliaClark works with a number of ISO 17025, UKAS accredited laboratories to conduct Back-to-Lab, confirmatory testing. This is a vital part in any workplace testing management policy and ensures adherence to EWDTS guidelines.

Home Office Approved Equipment

Home Office approval is a prerequisite for any testing equipment to be used by UK Police forces and is a mark of quality in an otherwise unregulated industry. Home Office approval is one of the toughest to achieve globally for Drugs and Alcohol testing equipment and why OdiliaClark has chosen to align with Dräger.

Outsourcing Expertise

OdiliaClark works with Trade Unions, HR Departments, Health and Safety teams and operational teams to fully understand the organisational requirements. Our recruitment team means that we have the ability to scale quickly and can support the customer requirements for workplace Drugs and Alcohol testing as well as their wider resourcing needs.

Odilia Clark

Drugs & Alcohol Testing Store

OdiliaClark is a certified provider of Dräger Drugs and Alcohol testing equipment.

OdiliaClark Services

Drugs and Alcohol Policy Development

We take the time to get to know you and your business so we can help to support the business and your employees whilst taking operational characteristics into consideration to ensure minimum disruption to daily business.

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Independent Workplace Drugs & Alcohol Testing

Whether client led or fully outsourced, OdiliaClark can support with equipment supply, back to lab services through to a fully outsourced service inclusive of new starter testing, random workforce selection, For Cause testing and workforce information sessions.

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OdiliaClark Recruitment

Partnering with Dräger has allowed us to provide both onsite support and sales of testing equipment through our online store.

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Hiring Manager Testimonials

"The sector knowledge and experience of the team at OdiliaClark enables them to identify the right solutions, whether you are a candidate or employer. I have worked with them in both capacities over the last 4 years and continue to do so."

John, Aerospace

“I run a semi-high volume automation-dependent manufacturing facility that needed a serious injection of Continuous Improvement support. Emma and David worked with me to understand our challenges and define the requirements for the projects, we then agreed a ramp-up schedule which was smoothly executed. A very positive experience.”

Colin, Engineering

“The OdiliaClark recruitment team is great to deal with and head hunters take the time to understand our requirements and always maintain a professional approach.”

Giorgio, Transport & Logistics.